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Shop Sapphire grew from a desire to effect meaningful change in the world.

Life is never easy, but some of us struggle just to have the basics: food, water, clothing, shelter. And some are in intolerable situations of abuse and exploitation. Operating a fair trade store is a small thing, but it is a way that we can contribute. Every purchase you make at is a step toward achieving independence, sustainability, and a better life for the artisans that handcraft our beautiful products. And what helps one of us, helps us all.

We are proud of this business and what it stands for: a sustainable culture of caring that makes life better for everyone involved. We offer exceptional handicrafts at reasonable prices, and your purchases help ensure that the artists and craftspeople who create our beautiful products work in a safe environment and earn a fair wage that enables them to provide for themselves and their families.

In a time when it may seem that priorities are slipping and things are spinning out of control, Fair Trade is a valuable step you can take toward unity and equity for all people. It is an honor to provide unique, high-quality products handmade by gifted artisans from around the globe and to be part of the Fair Trade community. Shop Sapphire buys only from Fair Trade Federation and World Fair Trade Organization members, so you are assured that every item in the store was produced according to fair trade principles. You can make a difference.


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