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Now, these cookies look very healthy, but they don’t taste it 😉 Of course there is fat and sugar in the chocolate, but the truth is there’s only a couple of specks of chocolate in each cookie, so how can that hurt really? If you’re being ever so strict you could leave the chocolate out […]

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Recycling Everyday Items I started getting emails that showed me how to recycle toilet paper rolls, then something in my head said recycle everything you can that you throw away. I first thought of how I have old clothes that have holes or doesn’t fit. I figured I can search the web to find a […]

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After three years of good design and hard work, we have transformed a worn out horse property into one of New Zealand’s premier permaculture farms. Significantly, we have done this on a tiny budget and with no heavy equipment or contractors. A massive thanks goes out to our fantastic interns who have come from over a dozen […]

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#watercrisis and what you need to know

As you may know, five Michigan officials, including the head of the state health department, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the ongoing investigation into Flint’s water crisis. A dozen of Flint residents contracted Legionnaires’ disease after the city’s water source had been contaminated with lead poisoning, leaving one dead. It is for this […]

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Originally posted on a cornered gurl: Courtesy of Google Images You say That I “worry you” I’m fragile And you need to Keep my health In mind I’m open enough To let you Have this as A way of Knowing something Else Is bugging you And my living Comfortably is a Distraction I no longer…

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