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Good Cloth is a retailer that specializes in ethical, sustainable fashion—clothing, accessories, and home goods—that are designed with consideration for workers, the planet, and consumers.

It’s an easy-to-shop space where consumers can efficiently find items that are sustainable and fit their ethos, desired price range, and style aesthetic.

The company’s journey started with a book. Stephanie Hepburn, a journalist and fashion writer, founded Good Cloth after writing a book on human trafficking, “Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight”. It was during Hepburn’s research that she began to investigate designers for her own shopping needs. She quickly learned that even the best-intentioned larger companies run into transparency hurdles. A contractor can subcontract and that subcontractor can do the same. Suddenly, there is no transparency and no way to determine how workers are treated throughout the supply chain.

This creates an ideal opportunity for exploitation and forced labor, which is human trafficking.

Hepburn’s readers reached out to her, sharing that while they wanted to know how best to shop, they didn’t have time to examine designers. Hepburn had, without realizing it, already put the wheels in motion for starting Good Cloth. In October 2014, she founded Good Cloth, a retail shop that curates products made with ethically-sourced materials and a transparent supply chain. Each item includes a product journey, so that consumers can read how products are made, from beginning to end. How clothing is made shouldn’t be a mystery.

And because we all have our own ethics, Good Cloth features preferred shopping categorizes to make it easier for customers to shop by their own personal ethics—such as vegan, organic, shop local New Orleans (Good Cloth is headquartered in New Orleans), Trade Not Aid, handcrafted, and made in the United States.

Good Cloth is a Certified B Corp that meets rigorous performance, transparency, and accountability standards. Good Cloth partners with consumers to swing the pendulum in the fashion industry as a whole toward transparency, ethical sourcing, fair treatment of workers, sustainability, and high quality.

The Good Cloth motto: Look Good. Do Good.

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