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Fortress of Inca


The story of Fortress of Inca began in 2004 with founder Evan Streusand. After travelling through South America and visiting the Incan historical sites of Machu Picchu, Streusand stumbled upon a group of men handcrafting leather shoes. Taken aback by the quality, the colors, and the texture of the shoes, he bought a pair of boots before going back to the States. The idea of selling the Peruvian leather shoes in the United States formed in his mind and flourished over the next few years. After successfully working in sales for his friend’s business, Streusand now confident with his honed skills, decided to start his own shoe company.

This was the birth of what is now known as Fortress of Inca, a shoe company that takes pride in its ethical processes and quality handmade leather products.


At Fortress of Inca, quality is a key element when making their products. Maintaining the authenticity and culture of the highly skilled Peruvian artisans who make the shoes is important, and this can be seen in the fine quality leather and other natural materials used in each pair of shoes. Streusand believes that the artisans who create the shoes are as important as the customer who buys them. All of the factories Fortress of Inca works with follow the strict Peruvian labor laws to a T and provide the artisans with fair wages, healthcare, paid maternity leave, and excellent work conditions.


Today, Fortress of Inca has grown from a simple idea in the back of Streusand’s mind to a company selling shoes in multiple independent retailers across the United States.  Fortress of Inca’s mission of providing excellent working conditions for artisans, men and women alike, has remained since the beginning and will persist through the years.  Fortress of Inca believes that an emphasis in fair labor prices and quality materials will create a strong and sustainable economy. And it does this to remind its customers that little by little, one walks far.



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