Ethos Deal FAQ’s FAQ’s

Why Do I Want To Purchase From An Ethical Business?

Because by purchasing their products, you are supporting a good cause, that’s why. These companies go the extra mile to make sure their product is of high quality. Also, they go the extra mile, from the beginning, to the end of the process, to make sure what they do creates a better world.

Why am I , an ethical business, running promotions on your website?

Because you will be able to utilize this platform in three ways: First, as an ethical business engaging in cause marketing, you will be able to raise awareness for your brand. Second, you will be able to move that last bit of product off of your shelves in order to make room for more inventory. Third, conscious and ethical consumers are looking for you, and what you have to offer. This platform provides an opportunity for them to find you. It is a triple win.

Why did you create the Ethos Deal?

There was a need to connect responsible and ethical consumers with responsible and ethical companies. Consumers do not have time to explore every website looking for promotions, so, we bring the limited promotions from ethical companies to them. Because of this, ethical companies will gain exposure as well. This helps everyone. Plus, we get to meet some really cool people, with really cool products for sale, supporting really cool causes that will blow your mind. Enough said.

Why do ethically made products cost more?

Because they are made with love and happiness. Seriously. The company that made your product does care about profit like the other companies with the similar products. All companies do. But guess what? Ethical companies also care about the person that helped make the product, and the environment it exists in. From start to finish they make an effort not to exploit anyone or anything. People and the Planet get the same amount of consideration as Profit does. This means the person that made what you bought, was treated fairly, and the earth was not polluted with byproducts from the process of creating the product.

What is an ethical company?

An ethical company goes by many names these days. Such as mission driven, Benefit Corporation, socially responsible, social impact business, fair trade, ethically sourced, sustainable sourced, mission driven and the list goes on and on… You probably see a lot of companies claiming these things, and that’s great. But, here is what you need to know. These concepts have more to do with HOW a company makes it money vs. what it does with its money. For example: It really does not make sense to claim you give X amount to charity, when you are inadvertently poisoning someone’s water supply, right?  Furthermore, some professionals even go on further to say that a company that identifies as being ethical also adopts what is called, “The Triple Bottom Line.” This is basically an accounting practice that takes People, Profit, and Planet into equal consideration. You could even go further down the research bunny trail to see if a company is certified by a third party process, such as Fair Trade or B Corp.

Does the Ethos Deal cost anything?

Nope. We won’t spam you or share your info either.


If you are an ethical business and you want to run a promotion with us, feel free to contact us through THIS PAGE.



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