eBooks For Non Profit Organizations

Sarah’s intimate knowledge and experience in fundraising programs is invaluable to any organization. Her creativity and insight into finding solutions has had a tremendous impact on my ISD. Highly motivated, highly successful, and highly recommended. ”  Brent Dawson, Superintendent

Are you starting a nonprofit organization?

Do you need grant funding?

As a nonprofit consultant with over 18 years experience, I have put all of my expertise together in two eBooks specifically for nonprofit organizations.

These will be a much cheaper and sufficient alternative to paying for expensive grant writing seminars.

I secured close to 90k in grant funds in a new nonprofits first year. I will show you how to do it too!

If you are starting a nonprofit, have already started one, or are in the stages of trying to get yours to grow, these eBooks are for you.







eBook2 Kindle Cover.png

 Please feel free to email me with any questions!


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