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Creative Recycling — Chacalit’s Stuff

Recycling Everyday Items I started getting emails that showed me how to recycle toilet paper rolls, then something in my head said recycle everything you can that you throw away. I first thought of how I have old clothes that have holes or doesn’t fit. I figured I can search the web to find a […]

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Reusing Old Belts — ecogreenlove

For all the old items, which are no longer in use, throwing away is never a wise way. There are lots of ideas for reusing old belts into useful, stylish, handmade goods or interesting home decorations, rather than throwing them away. Check out these creative and functional ideas! 💚

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Tips for #Recycling Your Construction Waste — #Green Living Guy | green living guru | electric car expert

In a healthy economy, construction waste makes up one-third of all refuse. At this scale, even small efforts towards recycling and reusing leftover building material or debris make a big change. Construction waste consists mostly of concrete, wood, drywall, shingles, asphalt and metal, but also cardboard and plastic from packaging. Although considered waste, many of […]

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#upcycling #tires as building material

I recently wrote a pair of posts on the global waste tyre problem, and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle the billion plus tyres discarded every year. There’s one further use that I’ve been saving for a Friday, when I like to write about sustainable buildings. Because if you’ve a vast stock of heavy, […]

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Ohhh, so pretty….

Nautical Handmade Glass Coaster Set 4 or 5 Inch Square from Upcycled Dictionary page book art – WilD WorDz – Tales of the Sea 

WilD WorDz- Nautical Handmade Glass Coaster Set from Upcycled Dictionary page book art – Tales of the Sea 4″ or 5″square bevelled glass GOOD NEWS!!! We are now offering ALL coasters sets in larger drink or mug size at 5 Inch square Standard size is 4 Inch square See Sizing Selection Options NOTE: All coaster sets are now available with 100% recycled fiber felt backing or standard black suede. See Backing Selection Options Whimsical and fun, this set of four 4″ or 5″ square beveled glass coasters is decoupaged with Tzaddihome exclusive art that is printed over vintage dictionary pages. Vintage prints are colaged to create whimsical sea life with huge whale spouting water with ship, octopus holding telescope, flying fish with jelly fish umbrellas and seahorse pulling a snail. Colors are blue black and touches of red Each off white page is printed with a double dose of ink for a vibrant effect. Then each design is sealed with clear acrylic for lasting color that will not fade. Each design is ensconced under 4″ or 5″ beveled glass using a reverse decoupage technique. Sealed with several layers of black lacquer, edged in red and backed with black suede your upcycled dictionary art will last a lifetime. NOTE: No two sets will be a like as the dictionary pages are one of a kind. The photos will show the approximation of your coaster set. Comes packaged in clear box with ribbon for ready gifting.