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June 2017 was the third-hottest June ever recorded, the 41st June in a row — and the 390th consecutive month — that saw the average global temperature rise above the 20th-century average. Not only that, but January-to-June 2017 was the second-hottest January-to-June ever recorded. All of which means that 2017 is on pace to be…

via Halfway through the year, 2017 is on pace to be the second warmest on record — Conservation news


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Both New Customers and Existing Members can receive a FREE 6-Pack of Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars with a purchase of $29 or more.

Thrive Market offers a great selection of vegan, paleo, and gluten free products for a fraction of the price of regular supermarkets. They also have a great social mission. You should check them out!

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Summer Sales From Good Cloth! A Benefit Corporation. @shopgoodcloth


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This award-winning #yoga mat bag will keep you in style and can carry a variety of goods, like your favorite vino and a small blanket for a midday park getaway.


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How to Build an Ethical and Sustainable Wardrobe Via The Good Blog @shopgoodcloth

Shop, purge, repeat. My relationship with fashion was toxic. Every other week I’d buy a dress, a sweater, a new necklace. Twenty bucks here and there added up to hundreds of dollars per month, and as a grad student I was always wondering how to pay off my credit card and get out of debt.


A Video Worth Watching – They issue coupons too! @unilever

Unilever is one of the largest publicly traded benefit corporations in existence.

They own quite a few brands such as Lipton, Seventh Generation, Knorr, Ben and Jerry’s, Hellmans, and Talenti Gelato.

They give the planet and people the same consideration as profit.

You can regularly find coupons for their products HERE: