Unilever and Kroger. The perfect couple.

Here is a super simple way to start shopping ethically and save money in the United States.

Did you know that you have a way to save money and support one of the largest Benefit Corporations in existence? The name of the company is called Unilever and they are responsible for some really great things such as giving the planet and people the same consideration as profit.

You can read about what Unilever is up to HERE

They also regularly publish coupons for their products such as Lipton, Seventh Generation, Knorr, and Hellmann’s.

You can access the coupons HERE

Here is a list of Unilever Brands

Now, if you happen to have a Kroger supermarket around, you are even in a luckier position. Kroger happens to be certified Fair Trade. They also carry their own brand of organic and cruelty free items called Simple Truth.

They also regularly issue coupons for their Simple Truth products as well as hold regular sales of Unilever products.

This means is you can match the coupons up with the sales, you are in for some major savings on groceries and you are able to support some sustainable companies.

Happy Shopping and don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!

PS- If you happen to get to Kroger in the early morning hours, you will also be able to find markdown items on their organic perishable items. This means $3.50 for a gallon of organic milk…





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