Natural Teeth Whitening, 41% Off

Are you one of the many who have endured sensitive teeth, burning gums, and drooling mouth all for whiter teeth? Now you can Whiten Naturally with NO DROOLING, NO SENSITIVITY, AND NO GUM IRRITATION. Wow!

  • Polar Combines a Large 30g Jar of Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder (3 month supply) with our specially formulated Charcoal Toothbrush …. the perfect set to whiten your smile all in one purchase!
  • Our charcoal also works as a natural detoxifier while eliminating bad breath, preventing tooth decay by gently brushing away plaque and bacteria.   Polar’s Teeth Whitening Charcoal formula is Safe for Enamel and out performs your average daily toothpaste
  • Remove Years of Built Up Stains with a 100% Money Back Guarantee 😀



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