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Gardening with kids improves social skills and behavior, increases science achievement scores and respect for nature.

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The amazing Kali Borovic recently pondered one of my featured images in fact, she said exactly this: “If you could blog about this magical world in your featured imagine, that would be great! xx.” So here I am today, ready to explain to you all about the wonderful and creative Magic Garden! Where is the Magic Garden? […]

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A non-profit that makes instruments and music lessons affordable (link) aims to raise $120k to renovate a vacant dry-cleaning facility downtown into teaching studios.

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How To Brew #Herbal # Suntea

Cool down with delicious, thirst-quenching herbal sun tea. Follow a few simple steps to enjoy a variety of refreshing flavors that are perfect for front porch sipping. Solar tea has never tasted so good. Fresh organic herbs produce healthier, more refreshing teas, so pick your ingredients straight from the garden or buy from a local […]

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